2. Admission & Aid
  3. Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The University offers the following scholarships to students with limited financial resources. Students may apply for more than one scholarship. However, since the University intends to grant the scholarships to as many students as possible, students are allowed to receive only one scholarship at a time.

Foreign Students’ Scholarships

These scholarships are for foreign students studying at their own expense at the University of the Sacred Heart.

Types of Scholarships Contents
University of the Sacred Heart Special Scholarship for Foreign Students Stipend of partial tuition one half of the tuition free
University of the Sacred Heart Support for Reduction of Tuition (excluding other fees and expenses) one half of the tuition free
Gakushuu Shoreihi
Honors Scholarship given by the Japan Student Services Organization (Nihon Gakusei Shien Kikou)
Stipend of ¥48,000/month (in 2016)

For those using the installment plan, the payment in the admission procedure should be ¥810,000.

Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Other Scholarships

Local public organizations and private scholarship foundations grant scholarships through the University or through their own channels.